Interested in joining the Board or learning more? Reach us at or 415.819.4647. Feel free to attend a meeting anytime; meetings are held in the Rochdale common room at 6:30 p.m., generally the third Wednesday of every month, and we have optional pre-meeting dinners at 5:30 p.m. at Pasta Bene at 2565 Telegraph Ave. 


John Ehrlich President (Barrington Hall 1974-77)

BS Business Administration. John was on the USCA Board when we bought & sold houses. He was a House Manager at Barrington and then was President of the Board in 1977. He served 32 years in the San Francisco PD retiring as a Captain. There were many years with his family at the Lair 5th week Gold. John served on the BSCAA Board since 2012. He lives in Berkeley.

Nancy Brigham Blattel Vice President (Barrington '73-'75, Rochdale '75-'76, Northside Apartments '76-'80)

is currently Data Management Lead supporting UC's database for fundraising and engagement needs. In 1996, she founded the BSC alumni association with a group of dedicated alumni who valued their experience, wanted to give back, and knew other alumni would want to as well. At the BSC, Nancy served on the student board and was vice president for 3 semesters. She graduated in 1977 with a degree in Social Welfare and then worked at the BSC Central Office in the housing department. She has had a long career of leadership with the Better Business Bureau and the Cal Alumni Association.

Tori Partridge Secretary (Hoyt Hall 2008-09, Ridge House 2009-11)

Tori lived in Hoyt Hall from 2008-2009 and Ridge House from 2009-2011 and served as health worker, health worker coordinator, and house manager. Since leaving the BSC, she has gone on to get her masters in special education and now is back in Berkeley working at REALM Charter Middle School. Tori says she learned so much from the BSC and is hoping to give back by being part of the Coop Alumni Board.

Margie [Miller Greene] Guillory Treasurer (Hoyt Hall 1970-73, Northside Coop from 1974-1978)

She graduated from Berkeley with a degree in mathematics, two teaching credentials, and a certificate in accounting.  Margie was involved with the BSC as the BSC's first woman Maintenance Manager (1970-1972), first woman on Summer Maintenance Crew (1972), Decentralization & Inventory Control Clerk (1972-1975), A/P Bookkeeper (1975-1988) with a 6-month break to convert all houses to the Home Cooking Program in 1980, and BSC's Accountant (1988-2012).  Margie was inducted into the North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO) Hall of Fame in 1990 as an Educator.  She is now in a recovery program as the Treasurer of BSCAA.

Adrienne Ricker (Oscar Wilde 2005-09)

Adrienne is proudly a Wildebeest alum from Oscar Wilde, Fall 2005 - Summer 2009. She served as Co-President/House Manger during the summer of 2006 and then as Workshift Manager during the Fall and Spring semesters from 2007-2008. Currently she lives near Japantown in San Francisco and works in SF as an analyst to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (aka Muni + quite a few other things). It is a challenging but rewarding place to be. Adrienne credits her time at Wilde for kindling her passion for public/community infrastructure and has chosen to work in transit as a way to contribute towards addressing climate change. She is also obtaining a masters in business administration from Berkeley Haas.

Alfred Twu (Afro House 2003 - )

has been a co-oper since 2003, starting out at Afro House and now around Lothlorien and Wilde. In addition to holding various house and central level positions, Alfred worked at CO for a couple years in the early 2010s and has been on the Alumni Board since, focusing on events like reunions and happy hours that connect current members to alumni.

Alexandra Daily-Diamond (Euclid Hall 2009-12)

obtained a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies at UC Berkeley. Serving as a Health Worker and Kitchen Manager, Alexandra developed a love of baking and interest in mentorship and education that continues in her career in Learning and Development. Alexandra is passionate about sustaining the vital communities and support that co-ops provide for students. She is particularly committed to helping maintain the BSC’s resources for members who, like her, are a part of the disabled student community, and otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford higher education. Alexandra believes the assistance and experience the BSC provided was key to her success as a student and beyond and, as a prospective board member, she is excited to pass it forward.

Analise Electra Smith-Hinkley (Cloyne 2008, Oscar Wilde 2009-10) 

BSC positions: Board Rep, Social Manager, CO Special Events Coordinator. Analise has served on the BSC Alumni Association Board since graduating from the co-ops in 2010. She is the outgoing President of the BSC Alumni Association, after having previously served as Graduation Chair and Vice President. She now manages the BSCAA website and serves on the External Affairs committee. She lives in Los Angeles, and wants to help the BSCAA continue to expand its reach through enabling active participation of members across the state and supporting involvement with alumni around the world.

Bryce Brown (Casa Zimbabwe 2008 – 2011)

Bryce joined the BSC Alumni Association Board in 2018 and has a passion for ensuring affordable housing is made widely available to the students of our community. In his time at the BSC he would often work at the Central Kitchen ensuring the delivery of the high quality and affordable food that has become a hallmark of Cooperative living. He is currently a financial advisor at Burleson + Company providing an analytical eye to the needs of a diverse client base. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley. Additionally, Bryce is a Captain in the California Army National Guard with whom he served in Syria, receiving a Bronze Star. In his free time he enjoys reading, running, travel, and working on fulfilling home projects.

Dana Pastor (Casa Zimbabwe in 2006, Ridge House, Kingman 2008-2009) 

She first lived in Casa Zimbabwe and then moved next door to Ridge House when CZ was slated for retrofitting. When she returned from a year abroad, she came home to Kingman for my senior year at Cal in 08-09. Most semesters you could find her in the kitchen for dinner shift where she discovered her love for cooking. Additionally she enjoyed working with Central Kitchen and shopping at Costco with the big truck for all the houses. She currently works at IBM in their Healthcare & Life Sciences organization where she is responsible for managing and growing a $40M business across sales, executive relationships and customer satisfaction. She often reflects on some of the most formative years in her life at Cal and how grateful she is to have found the co-op community. She is passionate that this opportunity is afforded to many more students for years to come.

Elissa Roy (Casa Zimbabwe 2005-2009, Oscar Wilde 2009)

Elissa has served as kitchen and finance manager for CZ and kitchen manager for Wilde House. Elissa has also co-organized two alumni reunions for CZ: one in 2010 with about 350 people in attendance and one in 2015 with about 250 people in attendance. In 2016, she is part of the committee for CZ's 50th Anniversary Block Party. She works as a writer and analyst in support of University Development & Alumni Relations at Cal. 

Jonah Markowitz (Fenwick 1998 - 1999)

joined the BSCAA board in 2000 and became a life member. In addition to California Alumni Association lifetime membership, he participates in a number of other community organizations.

Jonathan Lampman (Barrington and Cloyne 1966 -1969)

served as the social events chair at Cloyne. As one of the BSCAA Board members he participated in a task force that resulted in a significant increase in low income students living in the coops. He also helped organize several recent joint BSCAA/BSC events.

Judy Bertelsen (Stebbins Hall 1957-59)

Judy lived at Stebbins Hall from 1957-59, serving as president for a term. She had a double major in political science and English, was active in SLATE campus political party, and was a member of Panile, Prytanean, Mortar Board, and Phi Beta Kappa. She has a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Oregon, and changed careers in mid-life, completing a M.D. at Brown University, after attending Bryn Mawr College’s post-baccalaureate pre-med program; she was assisted in this career transition by Juan Martinez, a stellar pre-med adviser at UCB. She is now semi-retired, devoting more time to writing and playing the cello.

Kelly Yun (Rochdale, 2009-11)

Kelly was born and raised in San Francisco, but made a second home for herself at Rochdale after meeting some of her closest friends in the co-ops. After taking on the position of Alumni Coordinator at CO, she continued pursuing her passion for advocating accessible education and basic needs. Her professional and personal trajectory were greatly shaped by her experiences in the co-ops -- working at a small education non-profit after graduation and embarking on a new adventure to Madrid, Spain between 2013-15 where she was able to travel and explore new cultures. Kelly joined the BSC Alumni Association Board and started working for UC Berkeley upon her return, where she continues to work in University Development & Alumni Relations at Cal (Go Bears!).

Kevin Haroldo Ramirez

lived in the BSC from 2013-17 in Castro, CZ, and the POC Themed House. He held roles including Castro's Workshift and Kitchen Manager, BSC President, and Board VP of Experience & Training. He also worked as a Produce Coordinator in Central Food Services (aka Central Kitchen) and as Diversity & Inclusion Project Lead. He currently works for a national education nonprofit that engages public school teachers to help them lead in education policy and politics. His role is two-fold, focusing on nonprofit operations and human resources: He supports the regional ED and her leadership team in operations and strategic planning in the Los Angeles region, and leads diversity & inclusion and organizational development across the national organization.

Michelle Nacouzi (Castro, Wolf, Sherman, CZ)

Michelle was a member of the BSC during her junior and senior years at Cal, including serving as BSC President from 2013-14. Her memorable workshifts included bathroom cleaning, Sunday cook crew, and council note taking. Between the BSC and the Berkeley Student Food Collective, Michelle learned more at the student-run coops than she did 'across the street', and attempts to apply the cooperative business principles to her career work. After graduating, Michelle moved to New York City, where she has worked as a management consultant for A.T. Kearney and now as an investment associate for Indicator Ventures (early stage VC). She keeps in touch with BSC alumni and is the proud older sister of two BSC alumna.

RW “Randy” Klarin (Barrington 1970 - )

Randy transferred to UC Berkeley from Los Angeles Valley College in 1970.  Housing was very tight, but fate brought him to Barrington Hall where he made life-long friends.  While at Barrington, he was the assistant to the Timekeeper (who also is a friend these days).  After that school year he moved to the brand-new Rochdale Apts.  Randy earned a Masters of Science degree in Public School Administration and Master of Arts in Mass Communication. In 2007 he retired from his career in public education, after his assignment as Coordinator (administrator) of Drop-out Prevention for the Los Angeles Unified School District.  Prior to that he served as classroom teacher, high school assistant principal, dean of discipline, and high school principal.  Since then, he has had a show of my acrylic paintings, published a book of poetry and a memoir/ self-help book for retirees, and traveled extensively. Currently he is a part time staff writer at an LA institution, the LA Free Press, where he has a weekly column dedicated to remembering and assessing events, persons, and places significant to the Boomer generation.  He has lived in Santa Monica, CA, since graduation from Berkeley. In 2015, Randy endowed a permanent scholarship for co-op students in financial need.

Steve Greenberg (Cloyne Court, 1980-1985)

will always value his BSC (fka University Students’ Cooperative Association) experience as one of two educations he got at Berkeley, the other being a couple of Cal degrees. The BSC was and is much more than a cheap place to live; it’s a special place for students to learn and grow. He worked on the maintenance crew at Cloyne, was the Maintenance Manager, and was active in helping Cloyne and the USCA broadly become more energy efficient. He started working at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab when he was a grad student still living at Cloyne and is still at the Lab, working on energy efficiency in buildings. He bicycles to work every day, riding past Northside, Kidd, and Cloyne. He’s been on the BSCAA Board since 2009.

Tim Blair 

lived in the BSC from 2013-17 and was a member of Kingman, Hoyt, CZ, Castro, and Stebbins. During that time he was the meat and cheese supervisor, a social manager at four houses, the first social manager coordinator, a member of the board, and the vice president of external affairs. He now works in the craft beer industry. He believes the massive number of co-op alumni are a resource with extraordinary value and would like to help in harnessing that potential.

Wick Smith (Barrington 1974-75. Ridge Project (Now Casa Zimbabwe) 1974-1977)

B.A. Psychology '77 M.S.W. '80 U.C. Berkeley. Most memorable workshifts: Cooking Sunday Brunch for 125 people, House Photographer, and Switchboard. Career in local government including Alameda County Administrator’s Office, Contra Costa County Schools and Contra Costa County.  IT Manager Contra Costa County for 28 years and senior consultant in a firm that specialized in IT for non-profits and local governments. BSA adult volunteer for the last 25 years. Ham Radio operator and CERT volunteer. My interest in public service and working cooperatively for others all started with the Coops! Looking forward to continuing that with the Coop Students and Alums.

Yasmin Khalili 

lived in Wolf House and was the Health Worker during her time there. She completed her undergraduate degree in Health Science and Business from Simon Fraser University (in Canada!) and at UC Berkeley. She currently works in the health care non-profit sector in San Francisco. Her time living in the co-ops was incredible, and she wants to be a part of efforts to allow more students to experience the lifestyle and community that the co-ops provide. She knows she can help through community outreach, event planning, and expansion of the program!

Zach Gamlieli (Casa Zimbabwe 2014-18)

valued his in the co-op even more than his education at Cal. The BSC provided the opportunity for incredible leadership positions, and he had the privilege of being elected to the role of House Manager and the Board Representative for CZ. In his time on the BSC's Board, he served as the VP of External Affairs (2016-17), and the BSC President (2017-18). During his tenure in those executive roles, he worked hard to improve the BSC's public perception, which significantly benefitted their recruitment efforts geared towards low-income students as well as their relationships with UC Berkeley and City of Berkeley officials. It would be an honor for him to serve on the Board of the BSCAA.

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