A Note from Our President

I have been talking to a number of our members in the BSCAA (virtually) these days and I have to tell you our spirit is strong. We are actively looking for ways we can assist our BSC students and support our alumni and friends as well. I have already attended 6 virtual meetings including our well-attended Board meeting, and everyone is clamoring to help. I am so proud of the attitude of our members and how our leaders both young and old are stepping forward with ideas. We are reaching out to the BSC students both still at the Coops and those who have moved home temporarily.  A number of students still remain in their houses either by choice or because they have no alternative. We are looking for ways to help them directly and working with the BSC board to identify needs. Our members expressed particular concern for the graduating seniors who will face a radically changed job market or graduate school process. 

Here's what our members have been doing to help—you'll find links below on this page so you too can participate:

  • Financially assisting current co-op students with rent obligations and cost-of-living needs during COVID-19 with an emergency relief fund we've established

  • Supporting small and/or local businesses by crowd-sourcing information on ways to help from the owners themselves, and sharing that with our members 

  • Helping those in need of employment identify places currently hiring and apply to jobs 

  • Participating in the BSC Pen Pal program to connect alumni with current students as friends and mentors 

  • Supporting parents with tutoring and childcare resources

  • Disseminating crucial informational resources, including how to respond to and prevent sexual and domestic violence  

Please don't hesitate to share this page with friends, and if you have additional ideas for how we can support our BSC students, or you as a member of the Alumni Association during the COVID-19 crisis, please email us at anytime. 

Please stay safe and take care of each other.


Wick Smith,

BSCAA President

Ways to Get and Give Support  

Donate to the Relief Fund

Our emergency relief fund helps current BSC students meet rent obligations and cost-of-living needs during COVID-19.

Connect with Students

Participate in the BSC Pen Pal program to connect with current students as friends and mentors. 

Find a Job: Places Hiring

We're actively updating our job board with employment opportunities from organizations currently hiring. 

Get Free Kids' Tutoring

CalTeach is offering free math and science tutoring to parents who want a little extra educational support at home.

Support Local Businesses

We're compiling a working spreadsheet with crowd-sourced information on ways to help small and local business owners. 

Know Your Options

Resources for how to respond to and prevent sexual and domestic violence courtesy of UC Berkeley. 

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