While we love the BSC a a whole, there's no denying that we all hold a certain fondness for our own co-op house(s)! Whether it's news, stories, photos, or your favorite memories of the houses that meant the most to you, we want 'em!


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YouTuber Hannah Hart's College Dorm Tour

YouTuber Hannah Hart shares a tour of her old dorm room at Hoyt Hall.

September 2018

Casa Zimbabwe Improvement Day

Casa Zimbabwe Improvement Day 2019
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Julia Vinograd, Berkeley Poet

Julia Vinograd, the Berkeley poet known as "The Bubble Lady" dies at 75.

While not a member of the Coops, she is fondly remembered by many - especially Coop Alumni living on the southside. 


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Cloyne Court Featured in Berkeleyside Magazine

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"How Quirky is Berkeley? The Murals of Cloyne Court" 
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September 2017

A Barrington Memory

A Barrington Memory from Wick Smith Barrington '74-75, Ridge Project '75-77


I learned many wonderful things from living in the Coops, some very practical and some more along the lines of how to get along with people and not take myself to seriously.


Learning to cook was a big one. I started out joining the Vegetarian dinner program at Barrington Hall because although I loved meat, I didn't enjoy the meals coming out of Central Kitchen. There was a group of about 20 of us and we all took turns cooking the evening meal mostly out of "Diet for a Small Planet". As a new cook I got lots of advice and hands on assistance because no one wanted to eat a lousy meal. The vegetarian dining hall was also amazingly decorated with a mural of the last supper on the wall (note the heads were all some type of vegetable).


Once I got the hand of it I volunteered to take on the Sunday brunch work shift. We had a huge griddle that I would get going and then lots of help with people prepping ingredients. They with two spatulas in hand I would take orders. I counted about 120 served on any given Sunday. Never made it a profession, but still love to cook!


Thanks Coops,

Wick Smith Barrington '74-75, Ridge Project '75-77