Reconnect with and contribute to the Berkeley Student Cooperative in a meaningful way by volunteering with the BSCAA! Our Alumni Association is run by volunteers, as are many of the events that the BSC regularly puts on, so we're always happy to have people to help out. 


Whether you want to facilitate alumni-student connections by throwing a little happy hour (funded by us!), support our environment by joining a creek clean-up, or usher the next generation of co-opers into the adult world at the annual BSC Graduation, we have opportunities you'll love! 

House Apartment Alumni Liaison Program (HAALP)

HAALP aims to strengthen the student-alumni connection by ensuring that every co-op house/apartment has at least one alumni liaison on the BSCAA board. Each House liaison can support their given house by doing things like attending a house council, find out assistance or resources students in the house might find valuable, give input on alumni events, or bring treats during finals time.  

While our liaisons are generally Board members, we do have some houses in need of an alumni friend, so feel free to reach out to us at bscaa1996@gmail.com if you'd like to support a particular house!

Upcoming Events in Need of Volunteers

  • BSC Special Give (April 22-26, 2019): Help raise money to support the co-ops and current residents with funds for everything from retrofits to scholarships by phone banking and email outreach, along with hundreds of other current students and alumni. For more information, contact Madeleine Loh at (510) 848-1936. 

  • BSC Graduation (May 2019): Our annual celebration of graduating co-op seniors offers a delightful evening of food, drinks, music, and rousing speeches, and is largely staffed by co-op alumni. Volunteers are needed for everything from set-up, to sign-in, bar staffing, and clean-up. Sign-up for a shift by emailing bscaa1996@gmail.com

Host Your Own BSC Event 

Put on a local happy hour, throw a get-together at one of the houses, or start a new co-op event of your own! We're here for it, and we're happy to help financially. Check out the docs below for information on how to put on internal and external events, and fill out the fund application if you're looking for some money to do it!

Application: BSCAA Financial Event Support
Checklist: BSC
House Events
Offsite Events

Join the BSCAA Board of Directors

Our Alumni Association is led by a core all-star group of volunteers, the Board. With members ranging in age from recent graduates to Barringtonians of yore, the Board's collective wisdom encapsulates a multitude of BSC eras and strives to maintain institutional memory and connections between alumni and students, staff, and fellow alums. The Board leads fundraising initiatives, coordinates volunteer efforts, and regularly participates in student affairs in order to strengthen our BSC network and ensure that the cooperative principles continue on even after time living in the co-ops is over. 

Feel free to attend one of the monthly Board meetings; no commitment, just an opportunity to learn a little more about what the Board does, and reconnect with fellow co-op alums. 

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Don't see what you're looking for above? Email us at bscaa1996@gmail.com and let us know what you enjoy doing - we're happy to offer you tailor-made opportunities.